If arguendo, the first ballot fails to give Donald Trump enough votes, he can get more on the second, third and subsequent ballots until he wins the nomination. He appears in position to get the majority on the first ballot but if he fails the delegates are not required to vote against him on the second and subsequent ballots.

the media have mislead people into thinking Cruz will get more votes on the second ballot but that’s not the only possible outcome. The National Conventions are run by deals. Who is a champion of the deal? Donald Trump. See his book, “The Art Of The Deal”. Look at how much money he’s made by making deals. $8 to $10 Billion.

The way to bet is: Trump will win the Republican nomination. He has one more way to do it than Cruz. Trump can win the primary vote. Cruz cannot do that. Not enough people like him.

The convention is not a one-shot deal. Even though there are a lot of dishonest delegates they have to follow the rules. If the delegated are forced to vote a second time they can vote for Trump and they can convince other delegates to do the same. Cruz is a loser so if things run true to form Cruz will lose at the convention just as he’s been losing more than winning with the people.

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