Tonight’s program proved she refuses to tell the truth. She insisted the 14th Amendment gave immediate citizenship to a baby of illegal immigrants who was born in America when the 14th Amendment says no such thing and Kelly knows it because she’s a lawyer who read each and every word of the rather short 14th Amendment. That’s makes her a fraud and even worse she failed to tell the whole truth which is: the 14th Amendment does not grant immediate citizenship to a baby born of illegal immigrant parents. Nor does it give American citizenship to a baby of Ambassadors of Foreign Countries which Megyn knows because it’s simple for her to look up the case law on it. A Fraud. 

Kelly also continued to attack Donald Trump. She insisted he was a dyed in the wool Democrat who doesn’t follow the Republican party. Here’s a flash. Kelly continues to attack Planned Parenthood and calls them criminals when she knows there are no criminal acts that they did. Planned Parenthood should sue her and FOX for defamation, libel and slander.

Kelly even insisted Ted Cruz refused to answer whether or not he would deport an entire family of illegal people if one was an anchor baby. Senator Cruz explained Kelly was talking about the wrong issue regarding immigration and that the first thing he would do is secure the border like Trump wants to do and which was in Trumps Immigration Paper. Kelly knows that too. She was talking nonsense to a U.S. Senator who should have told her she’s engaging in Guerrilla Journalism, not an honest and fair interview. Kelly is no longer acting responsibly. FOX can easily replace her with one of the other attractive FOX women. FOX doesn’t need a Liberal Attack Mouth. The Media is already saturated with them. It’s time for Kelly to take her millions of dollars and resign.

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