In a country like the former Soviet Union where people voted but the party gave them a choice of voting or not voting, it was called Democracy. When people vote it may or may not be a Democracy because Democracy means much more than merely voting.

An unfair Democracy is: Majority Rule. The act of voting doesn’t provide any benefit for losers and all of the benefits for the winners, the majority.

The American idea of Democracy didn’t start with voting. It started with the moral purpose of government. The South Africa idea of Democracy started with the power of the majority and the purpose of voting was to decide who would rule based only on the number of votes. The result in South Africa is the extermination of the White African people. It’s what happened in Rhodesia. Whatever whites remain are in mortal danger. For the rest of the white Rhodesians democracy was fatal. They were murdered and their farms and property stolen. That’s an unfair Democracy as well as a criminal country.

Majority rule is rule nevertheless and the American Democracy began with the protection of the individual. From that came the protection of minorities and finally came the desires of the majority after the minorities were protected by all sorts of political and legal mechanism’s. Without the protection of the individual, a vote is tyranny over the individual. Without the protection of the minority the vote is still tyranny. Rights cannot be voted away. They can be repressed and the people can be oppressed by and when leaders and elected officials ignore the protection of the individual. President Obama is an example of a leader who refuses to be bound by law, morality or Rights. President Putin is another. Votes can’t legitimize evil. Illicit power don’t need to be legitimated. That’s what’s happened in Gaza, South Africa, Rhodesia and now America.  

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