At the March 7 Water and Sewer board meeting Tony the Tyrant Chairman decided to have a recess then adjourn the meeting because the three citizens in attendance would be (allegedly) inconvenienced by the township videographer and his two cameras on tripods in the middle of the room. Tony had a tantrum because the cameras were not in the back as Tony the Tyrant Chairman ordered. The citizens were further inconvenienced on March 14th because they had to show up again so they could witness the rest of the Northampton Late Show.

Tony doesn’t like the cameras and with good reason. They record things. Up to now the Water Board could terrorize the people without recourse. The videos provide a record of his insulting, name-calling behaviors towards the citizens. When the camera rolls he’s forced to try to act a bit civil. That’s hard. His hair-trigger temper and his natural inclination to talk down to the people have to be held in check. Tony caused so much anger in the community with his bully tactics that the Republicans lost the township to the Democrats. But Tony can only act with the approval of his handlers in the Northampton Republican Party. He and a few more have to go – to get civility to return to our community.

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