Political calculations are often murky but some issues are clear. No Insider Deals. That’s a Red Line. When crossed there are consequences. The Sewage Board earned their dark reputation during the West End Sewer battles when they lied about the existence of the 537 plan to install sewers in The West end. When the plan was discovered the residents knew they had been lied to. The consequence was the election of a third Democratic Supervisor giving control of the township government to the three Democrats 

When the Sewages, (my name for the majority directors on the Sewer Board),  lied about contaminated water in the Industrial Park for a year and a half they crossed another Red Line by Lying. They were proven wrong by the Democrat majority on the Board of Supervisors who inspected the pipes, wells, and connections and found zero contamination. Did that stop the lying? No. But that was another Red Line crossed.

More lies were voiced at the infamous Sept 25th public meeting when a local wag demanded an FBI investigation of an inconsequential video that was so unimportant it was like losing track of pocket lint. Another Red Line crossed by the Northampton GOP who supported the GOP gang-banger.

What are the consequences of crossing Red Lines in Richboro? Losing an election. Is that guaranteed to happen? It is if the voters know what’s going on and this website is dedicated to informing people. That’s why it’s a dot info site and not a dot org or a dot com. I am not part of an organization that writes websites so the dot org wouldn’t apply. Ditto for dot com. This is a public service website, not a commercial website. That’s why crossing Red Lines is a proper issue for www.billoneill.info.

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