First that Donald Trump is naturally Presidential and second that SNL writers are not always successful. Trump did well playing himself. His persona is so huge that he overshadowed every skit including his own monologue. He’s become bigger than himself.

Compare that to Hillary who is a pain, Bernie Sanders who’s still the biggest supporter of the despicable Soviet Union and the cast of SNL who were under the cloud of the Donald except for Leslie Jones who is a scream.

Leslie Jones for Secretary of War because she can handle Putin, China, Refugees and the Middle East before lunch. She’s clearly ahead of the rest of SNL whose writers lack the comedic skills of their ancestors on SNL. The show in it’s entirety was rubbish and failed to play to the strengths of Donald Trump. Trump was mostly a wooden actor who eventually got more loose as the hour wore on. Wore on because it was more wearisome than funny.


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