She doesn’t have the best interests of America at heart, if she even has the ability to separate and rank her interests. Hillary has been about Hillary all her life and she showed it down in Arkansas when she helped Bill cover-up his affairs and fornication. Why would a wife help her husband have more affairs which are the simple facts about Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs during their marriage? Hillary not only let him meet with various women, she covered-up the evidence and then lied to the American people about it so she could one day be President.¬†

Hillary’s goal and dream is to be President, not because she’s one of the most capable people but because she want’s to be President.¬†Here’s why that’s dangerous.

Hillary couldn’t handle the secret arms shipments to the Syrian Rebels. Under her management while she was Secretary of State al-Quida stole the weapons from the Benghazi warehouse and four Americans’s were killed. It could have been completely avoided is she had simply protected the Benghazi compound which she was requested to do over 600 times. She was dangerous in Benghazi and she will be dangerous in the White House because her judgment is off. We know her judgement is off because it’s been demonstrated in Arkansas where, unfortunately, she lied to the voters of Arkansas when she could have been truthful.

She demanded the FBI give her 900 files on Republicans who she then targeted. She’s unable to play by the rules because she’s inadequate and to compensate for her inabilities she violates the rules. That’s a dangerous way to be and a dangerous way to act both for herself and for the people. Hillary cannot be trusted, like a pyromaniac can’t be trusted with gasoline and matches.

The Washington Examiner reported: “Americans find Hillary Clinton untrustworthy, two-to-one, according to one recent national poll. That’s worse than all other presidential candidates. Clinton’s trustworthiness problem is not about small white lies. It’s that we suspect she is up to something, and that that’s why she needs to hide everything. That’s why she set up her own email server for all government work, as no cabinet official ever has. That’s why she deleted the emails. That’s why she has repeatedly obfuscated, and said misleading or false things about the email server. She decided she’d make her email more accessible to hackers in Russia, or ISIS, or China than to a Freedom of Information Act request”. Hillary has been dangerous because of her bad judgment as verified by her Benghazi lies and because of her un-secure e-mail server.

America is a far better place than Hillary is as a person. Her values are off. Her judgment is off and it’s been off for decades, since her Arkansas days when she decided to defend Bill Clinton’s affairs so she could run for President.
The Washington Examiner reports: “60% don’t trust Hillary, 62% say she’ll ‘do anything’ to be president. The people know she can’t be trusted because she’s proven she can’t be trusted.

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