Calling it “a tissue of lies”, George Will claimed O’Reilly is doing the work of the Left by discrediting Reagan. O’Reilly responded by calling Will names which it is noted is one of the tactics used by the Left when they are discredited.

O’Reilly was his usual insufferable and obnoxious self when he supposedly interviewed Will by shouting at him and calling him a hack meaning Will’s writing is mediocre. Anyone familiar with the writings of George Will knows his thinking and writing levels are far above O’Reilly’s ability to understand them.

O’Reilly has descended too low to bother watching him. Along with Megyn Kelly who also has an hour long show FOX is in danger of becoming unwatchable from 8PM until 10PM as are most of the comment shows from the Left like Rachael Maddow, Jon Stewart, Bill Mahr and Chris Matthews. O’Reilly is certainly the most Left Leaning commentator on FOX as well as the most religious, (he mentions God every day), and the most obnoxious by far. He talks over his guests and in general treats others with loathing and condescension. Too bad for the Right, those who want less government  that there are so many Left Wing commentators who are not balanced by Right Wing types. That reflects the general population who are indoctrinated by the Left until perhaps ten years or so after they finish their so-called education. By age 40 most people realize the world of the Left is populated by people who accept some version of the many false universe theories. Then they agree the propaganda was false and they begin to wake up to the world that opposes the Left. O’Reilly won’t ever wake up to that reality.    


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