Proof are the wars in Syria which Obama supports and opposes but he’s against war and for peace which he knows is impossible in Syria as long as jihadis are on the march. So “Mad Hat” Barack want’s peace but not really. How do we know “not really”? Because he’s drone-bombing people in Syria and he sent Special Forces there to train the Anti-Bashar al Assad “Rebels” in Syria, rebels whom Putin is bombing. Bombs may lead to peace but while they are falling peace isn’t a goal. If peace isn’t a goal than war is and that’s why Mad Hat is a proper prefix to this internationally known fruitloop of a man who along with Mad John Kerry who is dumber than a box of rocks are supporting more fighting in Syria by their support for Sunni jihadis who are fighting the Shia jihadis. That would be Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and Syria plus their new paramour Putin. Mad Hat and Mad John are in way over their pay grade. How’s that for mixing metophors?

Unfortunately Mad Hatter Obama sent Special Forces into Syria which means Obama is fighting against Putin. How crazy stupid is the man?

If Obama is successful in establishing a safe zone for jihadis on the Turkish-Syria border Putin will bomb them because Putin is going to keep the Syrian border as part of Syria. Obama must either change his plan and join Putin or be a rogue regime trying to illegally operate in Syria. There’s no third way. Putin knows the jihadis threaten Russia so Putin will fight them in Syria and eventually across the Middle East until he defeats them and wins the war against them, something neither Mad John or Mad Hatter Obama knows how to do.  If that requires Russian, Iraq, Hezbolla, Iran and Syrian troops ‘n boots on the ground, then that’s going to happen. Mad John and Mad-Hat Barack need to study that until they grasp it.

All this crazy American diplomacy is why the other fruit-loop on the international horizon, that would be Hillary, must be kept out of  the Middle East. She couldn’t deal with the Middle East when she was Secretary of State which means she won’t be able to deal with it as President.

The best way to defeat terrorism is to join Putin like Roosevelt and Churchill joined Stalin to defeat Nazism. Unfortunately Roosevelt got sick and couldn’t deal with an empowered Stalin so Truman totally botched the job and Stalin then the U.S.S.R. became enemies of America. Hillary will be perhaps even worse than Obama standing up to Putin. How do we know that? Because she already showed us how inept she is when she was Secretary of State. She flew to 112 countries and achieved nothing substantive. Flying is an activity. Flying to `112 countries with almost nothing to show for it is not an achievement. It was just an expense and at most it got her out of the country. Mad John is worse than Hillary because he doesn’t like war and will do just about anything to avoid it. These are difficult times for America that won’t get fixed until Donald Trump becomes the President.


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