And she’s right. Any investigation into Planned Parenthood is coming from the fringe of the Extreme Right Wing of America. Don’t accept the idea that it’s only Republicans. Loads of Democrats are on the same page when it comes to the secret spy video’s that have surfaced about Planned Parenthood collecting tissue for research which is the same as collecting cornea’s from cadavers. No life, no foul is the rule and despite the common ideas about medical procedures being gruesome, it’s good that the doctors and nurses talk about gruesome medical procedures because that’s their job.

Medicine is the business of life and death. A pregnant women is exposed to some serious consequences as a result of being female but there’s been so much wrong effort to control woman’s bodies that it’s easily overlooked that some excised tissue can carry benefits or at least there’s no point in tossing it into the waste basket.

On FOX the Five, Dana Perino is pretty muddled about the Right to an Abortion. She states:””its my belief.” Fine. People believe all sorts of things based on faith but Greg Gutfield was in better territory when he said abortion is here to stay and that Roe v. Wade will never be overturned.

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