She reveled to the committee that she knew the Benghazi Raids were not caused by a video. She lied to the family’s of the Benghazi victims when she repeated over and over that a Video caused a spontaneous riot when she and Obama knew it was an attack by Al-Qaeda. Why did Hillary tell the truth to her own family and to Saudi Arabia the night Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by Al-Qaeda or their proxies. That means Hillary lied to the families of the victims and to the votrertsand kept lying while knowing she was lying. She dragged President Obama into her lies and she wrote the song he sung about a video being the cause of a spontaneous riot when Obama knew he was lying too.

Hillary had loads of excuses including “I get lots of mail everyday” in a lying attempt to avoid telling the truth which was that she ignored several hundred requests for increased security for the illegal arms shipment the President and Hillary were shipping into Syria to arm the rebels who were allegedly the enemies of Assad. But the most spectacular set of lies were those she old about the attack on the machine guns and ammunition Obama and Hillary were shipping to the rebels, which are the same rebels Putin is bombing to keep Bashar Assad in power.


Why was ambassador Stevens in Benghazi that night? to coordinate the arms shipment to the Rebels.

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