With his superb analysis of the Middle East in the Wall Street Journal that has some ideas on what should be done, Henry Kissinger remains a man for the ages.

Islam has been at war with America since the days of the Barbary Pirates and Europe should have sorted them out centuries ago.
The Pope sent the Crusades but they couldn’t finish the job.
No one has really stepped up to get them settled down.
Putin will stop them from coming into Russia thru the Caucuses but he’s stuck in Syria and unless the next American President joins the fight in a serious way ISIS is going to keep on winning. (HERE)

Kissinger’s letter in the WSJ is chock full of great analysis and info. He correctly condemns as devious and misdirected President Obama and says Putin has upset the balance of power but even Kissinger doesn’t have a clear way to finish the job there.
What Kissinger doesn’t mention is the way the Extreme Right has ruined the Republican party’s ability to help just about anything in the Middle East.

It’s a stalemate that could become a checkmate.

So the rest of the world remains in great danger.

Meanwhile the Republicans have been split in two by the anti-Boehner crowd so as a party, at the moment, they are useless. The only positive thing is the Democrats are useless too and not as numerous.

America can only hope the ISIS bastards stay away but Obama’s been encouraging them to come thru Mexico so America can expect more terror attacks and there’s no way to stop it.

Oh, wait a moment. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump want’s to build a wall on America’s Southern border. A wall trumps a fence and Trump is what America needs. So does the rest of the world.

If Israel is to have a future America needs to continue to not only defend Israel against those who want to obliterate her, America must confront the enemies of Israel because in the Middle East they are also the enemies of America.

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