The Communists increased their powers in last weeks Czechoslovakian elections. That’s no surprise to those of us who follow such things. Europe is a den of Communists. Even the so-called Democrats, e.g., the Civil Democrats, the Social Democrats, the Democrats & the National Democratic Party, are Far Left-of-Center Marxists but not so far Left as Barack Obama. Europe is awash in Marxism because of the false message that the voters believe is true. America has one huge advantage even though most Americans accept Socialism as a kinder system, – which it is not. America’s advantage is Individual Freedom, something that no other nation has used as the basis for it’s government. Liberty is the integration of Individual Freedoms, Individual Rights and a Limited Government held in check by a written system of law. Yes, American’s have strayed far from the founding vision but with some exceptions, like President Obama, Americans really do grasp this Individual stuff. Obama cannot change. He is a confirmed disciple of Marx and his actions are driven by revolutionary and retaliatory Marxism, not just Socialism. Socialism is not as militant as Marxism. Obama was raised in three Marxist cultures. Both of his natural parents were Marxists. His grandparents were Marxists and his mentors were Marxixt. Obama has much more connection to the values of the Czech culture than to America’s values. Those are additional reasons voters need to reject Obama on November 6th.   

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