It’s more than his Socialist ideas that underlie his grand scheme to provide lots of benefits to people. He simply has no idea of how to make money and in a Capitalist Culture that’s really dumb.Ask Bernie where money comes from. He doesn’t know. Perhaps government prints it or people get it when they work. He’s completely befuddled by the idea that wealth is created.

How exactly is money created? By first creating something someone else wants and is willing to buy. Money is about trade. Something is traded for money. The money goes from one person to another by trades. Bernie however thinks it’s up to government to simply take it from people and give it to other people. That’s how criminals work. It’s also the basis for a Socialist government. The government burgles from those who have money and gives it to those who don’t. That’s criminal. That’s Bernie. He should have learned this or figures it out by now which he didn’t and that’s why he really, really stupid.

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