Putin Dares while Obama Dithers reported the ECONOMIST.

Obama lost Iraq when he un-necessarily pulled out of Iraq. Putin outmaneuvered Obama in Syria and Iran. Iraq is in the middle so Putin will soon be in control of the Golden Crescent of worldwide oil. Putin has Saudi Arabia in check and Obama in checkmate. All because Obama is an international bumpkin as well as a bumbler on the “JV”.

Only President Donald Trump can make a better deal for America in the Middle East where Putin has just gained stature over the oil fields of Iran which has 13 % of the worlds oil and he will soon control Iraq which has 12%. By supporting Assad, Putin has joined the Middle East countries which control most of the worlds oil. Soon he’ll be helping himself to the Natural Gas in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Meanwhile Obama has blocked American’s drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Keystone pipeline and has made coal so expensive that new coal for power is banned, all without consulting Congress. He’s been diminishing America’s access to coal, oil and natural gas. Why?

Why is Obama so against America? Is it because he attended Muslim schools in Indonesia? Is it because his father, step-father and grandfather were Muslims? Is Obama against the West because his father and grandfather were against the West in their fight to make Kenya Independent? Did Obama learn about Islam when he was young and as the Jesuits say: “”Give me the child until he is seven and I care not who has him thereafter.” Obama was taught about Islam until he went to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents when he was 10 years old so he was under the influence of Islam for three years longer than the Jesuits needed to form the mind of the man.

But Putin is playing a far better game in the Middle East so regardless of Obama’s feelings or friendship of Islam, he lost access to a large part of the Middle East oil. America is worse for Obama being President.

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