Incredibly, his website shows: “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” It’s time to do something about gun violence.” Yes, tell Unconstitutional Steve to read the Second Amendment. It clearly means Congress shall pass no law infringing the Right of the People To Keep and Bear Arms.

Guns are not violent, goons are. Guns don’t kill people. People do that. Guns are the absolute best self-defense a person can have but Santarsiero doesn’t respect people so he want’s to take guns away from the people.

Lets not waste time arguing about mental health being a reason to take away guns. That gives too much power to gun haters in government. If a person in mentally incompetent they should not be at large. Committing citizens to a mental health facility was a favorite tactic of the Soviet Secret Police which shows how dangerous it is to allow government to commit people to insane asylums.

How many people do you know who are a little wacky? Right. A lot. See the mental health problem with guns? How about keeping guns away from felons? Dangerous felons should not be walking around the streets. they should be in jail where they cannot get a gun.

How about using the medical community to prohibit guns? The Federal government has been trying to do that as though owning a gun is a disease. Cars kill people too so why not have the Center for Disease Control ban them too? In addition to the completely illogical connection of disease with owning a gun, using the CDC to regulate guns is so alien to the Constitution that the sanity of anyone who proposes it should be investigated.

The way to solve gun problems is with more guns. Santarsiero needs to learn more abut guns but he knows he’s wrong. That’s why there are armed secret service agents guarding elected officials. President Obama accepts them but opposes people owning guns. That’s a mental health issue.

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