Based upon “Gates of Vienna”. Karl Popper: “If we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

If a group refuses to tolerate American Liberty, Americans have no duty to accept them into America.

“Tolerating ideologies who announce their intention to kill those of one or more different ideologies is fatal. There is no obligation to be tolerant of activists or their activities of ideologies, organizations or individuals opposed to fundamental American principles.”

Suppose a religion has a core belief that adherents of other religions, such as Jews and Christians, are to be condemned. The fundamental right of freedom of belief grants anyone the right to believe that way so the belief is not an issue. However, there is no fundamental right to act in accordance with such beliefs, for doing so would limit the freedom of others, which is not permissible in a society that protects fundamental freedoms. The Right of Self-Defense against activists and activities is more than a set of words. No one need accept a danger.

In defense of America’s free, secular society, we have the right to not tolerate religious advocacy to despise Christians, Jews or others. This directly implies the right to not grant any privileges to organizations promoting such views, to have them controlled by our security organizations, and to have them dissolved under the law, discrediting their leaders and their ideology. Their behaviors are contrary to American Law.

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