People can be controlled by force, by fright or by persuasion. All three ways are opposed by Liberty, as in America. America is the only country and culture based on the supremacy of the individual. All other political systems use force.

Religion has been with us long before the Egyptian Civilization where the Pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the people. The combination of the mystical world and the real world were controlled by a single leader. The Pharaonic organization was imitated by all of the other religions, the Pope being the last in a long line of imitators but whose temporal powers have been removed. The Holy Roman Empire gradually shrunk and Napoleon did away with it by conquest around 1804. Since then the power of the Popes has been circumscribed even though the outward trappings, the huge basilica and the Cardinals are but shadows of the temporal power of the empire.

The great dictators of history had o a lot in common with the Popes. Faith joined with force when the Popes controlled great armies which were heaved against the Muslim world that had it’s own mythology that connected heaven and earth.

The great danger to people of dictators is visible despite the grand idea of the United Nations as the protector of last resort. Vladimir Putin as well as ISIS are world class players in the eternal struggle against Liberty but don’t overlook the needs of religion for power which is why it’s vital to grasp he connections between Castro and Francis.

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