It’s official. President Obama is the most failed President, even worse then Jimmie Carter. He led the disintegration of his presidency with such notable failures as Putin grabbing the Crimea; ISIS grabbing Iraq; the crossing of his :red Line” in Syria to the strained relations with American friend Israel. His lack of leadership has been brought to the fore by Leon Panetta. Democrat politicians are running from his support and confidence in government is lower than ever. What’s he done to America?

His domestic and geopolitical strategies are unknown. His political strategy in America has led to the Democrat party largely abandoning him except for his fundraising abilities and his superb oratorical skill. He was President when the Bush plan to get binLadin was finalized. He passed Obamacare which is hugely unpopular because America is a Capitalistic culture but Obamacare is Socialist.

Economically, he raised the debt more than all other presidents combined. The dollar is weak abroad. NATO doesn’t trust him and by extension, America. He lost Iraq to al-Qaida aka. ISIS and like Bill Clinton, he’s ordered a few air strikes because Americans are outraged over two Americans being beheaded in Iraq partly because Obama pulled out American Military leaving the Iraq Army unable to resist ISIS.
Steven Hayes on the Greta van Sustern show on FOX called his presidency a failure. He also said as Putin romped thru Crimea that “We are watching in real time the decline of American Power”. He characterized the Obama Presidency as “Failure upon Failure”. The next two years promise to be even worse than the preceding six.

Of course America is far bigger than any president. the American culture can survive Obama but it would have been better had he never become President.

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