Check out the video of the Feb 1 Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority meeting where the chairman, as usual mis-used and abused the position of Chairman, shut down people who tried to address the Water Board, told an elected supervisor to shut up then adjourned the meeting. The head of the Water Board insulted, condescended to, condemned and tried to demean private citizens. The guy is really bad news as most people know. The chairman is a political appointment of the old Republican regime. A bad appointment because he’s  mean-tempered and a bully. He caused the chaos at both Water Board and Board of Supervisor meetings. His attrocious behavior got the West End citizens so angry that they came to the meetings and told him off. It didn’t work. He disrupted the peace and tranquility of the neighborhoods. He’s still the chairman and even more obnoxious.

The present Water Board is a corrupt, Rogue Board which has four members who were appointed out of sequence so the mistreatment of the citizens could continue. They do not answer to the citizens yet they have the power to control the twin monopolies of providing Water and Sewer Services to Northampton and to set rates virtually as high as they want and they have done exactely that while giving special lower rates to their croney’s. They were appointed out of sequence which means their terms should have been staggered but they were all appointed at the same time. November, 2011.  Here’s how the swindle was carried out. One of the supervisors of the old Republican regime sold insurance to the Water Board. When it came time to appoint new Water Board members the Insurance Seller would not vote because of his conflict of interest. That stalemated the appointments for four years, depriving the residents of good candidates to oversee the Water Board. For four years no appointments could be made. In late 2011 the supervisor decided to stop selling insurance to the Water Board. He could have stopped selling insurance to the Water Board years before but by waiting until the last moments of the lame duck majority of croney  old Republicans four members were rushed thru and the crony’s could keep control fo the water board and hold onto the power. The Chairman of the Water Board and his bully tactics would go on for four more years even though the Democrats now run the township government. Even though the Democrats are in charge the four political appointments are being carried along. I call that a rogue board. The sequence of appointments should be brought back to the blocked appointments. When that’s done the present Board of Supervisors will be able to appoint at least two new members and get rid of the bullies. 

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