In her intro for Donald Trump Coulter called the speech NAZI’s “Speech NAZI’s”. She pointed out that the New York Times called “Anchor Baby” racist. Coulter said Trump decided to continue using Anchor Baby and now the New York Times is using it too. Same for Sanctuary Cities.

Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity that Trump is the first person to reach 100 during his live recordings of responses during a speech. Trump is a phenomenon. Trump made himself into a phenomenon who has dwarfed all of the other candidates. He stands in contradiction to the politically correct mainstream values of not having pride in oneself; that the love of money and money corrupts except when it is taken from the people by government and against rich people who cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Trump is proud, against government and he’s rich, successful and America is supporting him as he runs for President. 

Trump talked of turning down a lobbyist’s offer of $5,000,000.00 because he knew he would be asked for a favor in the future.

The best part of Donald Trumps speech in Dubuque, Iowa was when he came out from the curtain stage left and put his hand on the American flag when he came to it. He stopped and touched the flag. It was a salute to his love for America. Now America is showing their love for a real American.

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