So said the white queen to Alice. Belief in the impossible explains why so many people voted for Barack Obama for President, –twice. Obama believes coal is bad for the environment. He was mis-informed so he reached a wrong conclusion.

There’s an equation to evaluate the changes caused by using coal to make electricity. It’s an integral. An integral is an operation in calculus. It can be approximated by a lot of work using arithmetic. Add up all of the negative effects from burning coal. Then add up all of the positive effects. Then add the two effects. The sum, the answer, is the net effect of burning coal.

Rather simple, right? Yes. But why do the environmentalists only talk about the negative effects? Are they lying? Well, —-when someone refuses to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth the law considers it to be lying. Notice that telling the truth isn’t enough. The answer must be the whole truth meaning the positive and negative effects of burning coal.

For example: Burning coal generates electricity that has powerful and wonderful effects. What’s more, it helps people by running air conditioners in the hot weather and running heaters in the cold weather. In many cases that saves lives but in all cases it improves lives. Unfortunately that truth is purposely withheld from the debate. That’s deceptive. It’s why people don’t trust other people. It’s why Al Gore has become a laughing stock. It explains why people are right to mis-trust politicians. It explains why the plain talking Donald Trump is so popular. Donald is light years ahead of the rest of the candidates for President. We know we can believe Trump because he is paying for his own campaign. He has his own money in the game.

Trump can get things right or wrong so he hires experts to give him advice but he decides what he will do. He doesn’t believe in the impossible. We know that because he has been so successful in the real world. Trump is different than Obama who believes in race fantasies and has acted on his wrongheaded beliefs about race.  Obama as President should have been able to transcend race but instead he elevated it: “Trayvon could have been my son”. Obama is following an impossible dream because he believes in impossible things such as the color of his skin identifies who he is.  


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