It was supposed to be a presentation of the Republican candidates for President but only four were there. Bush, Cruz, Rubio and Perry. Perry was a surprise. We liked him. He’s a patriot. His closing remarks about the American Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach with 9,000 graves was the most moving event of the summit. Perry is a great American.

Ted Cruz wowed the audience and with good reason. Cruz has substance. He was on a rip. We really like Ted Cruz. Not an apple-cart upsetter even though he’s a Senator. The Republican party is represented┬áby great candidates, anyone of whom is massively better than Hillary, Sanders or “Crazy Uncle in the Attic” Joe Biden.

Trump wasn’t there. When I brought it to their attention they said: why don’t you invite him so I did. It didn’t work out. The sponsors of the Dream Summit clearly supported Jeb but not the audience. Over 4,000 people showed their class. We clapped for Bush,…. at least some of us did, even when he wasn’t supporting the right ideas. He doesn’t have them but until one gets the chance to actually see and hear Jeb one doesn’t know.

Jeb is nice enough and smart enough but the nation is Busk-weary. Rubio is easily the most likable of men but for some reason he’s not as well liked as Cruz. If Trump would have been there the place would have exploded in support.

The Summit was great. The Breakout sessions, ~ lectures by capable people, were impressive. The event organizers sort of guessed wrong a few times as some double rooms overflowed and a few big rooms didn’t get filled but those are quibbles. The Summit was well done. Lots of credit and kudo’s to the many volunteers and to the Convention Center employees. No complaints at all, only praise. Thank you.

The best Breakout I attended was by Alex Epstein, the author of “The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels.” His book provides monumental amounts of facts that support the expansion of the use of coal, oil and natural gas which is contrary to the wrong direction Obama pushed us. Obama eliminated new coal-fired electricity plants by using the EPA to bypass Congress and issue “Rules” that should have been debated in Congress, not dictated by the EPA which means their boss, Barack Obama was the dictator.

Obama was the villain who wasn’t there, of course, but Trump was at the Summit, just not in person. A great conference. Hope to get to the next one.

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