The Media and the pundits utterly fail to grasp that both Democrat and Republican voters are fueled by fury against far too much government. Too much of that government works against them. That’s the reason for the unexpected popularity of Donald Trump. Pent up fury.

People have been raised against money. Trump has more money than most people can comprehend and they are so p****d at government that it doesn’t matter that Trump has loads of money. People realize he and his money can stand up to the government. We like that.

The Republican establishment hates it. Both George Will and Cal Thomas hate Trump and are against him because it upsets their comfortable views of the establishment. On the Left of course are the Hillary pundits with their blinders on but Democrat voters are not left Wing pundits. They have been adversely affected by government and many will no longer blindly support the Eastern Establishment’s locked in candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump turned Megyn Kelly’s unfairness into a bonus by scoring an hour long FOX interview on Sean Hannity that gave Hannity bigger ratings than Megyn which proves how Trump can overcome adversity by getting a better deal. How great would that attribute be in a President?

Trump is unique. An American Iconoclast who, like Ronald Reagan loves America. “The Donald” as his first ex-wife Ivana named him. i a unique and American product, a commercial messiah who can lead America across the Red Sea and back to greatness.

The Democrats would rather run Hillary against Dr. Ben Carson who is a marvelous and wonderful man because Hillary would easily win agaisnt the good Doctor. But Trump is a far better candidate. The Democrats are promoting Carly Fiorina to run against Hillary because Hillary is far more popular that Fiorina.

Trump is not the only candidate who can beat Hillary. He’s the best candidate which is why he would beat her. Sorry Liberals and RINO’s. Donald is the best bet.

Trump is better on foreign policy. He’s better on immigration and he’s better at getting government out of our lives which is the open secret of his popularity.

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