July 18, 2012. Lower Makefield Supervisor Meeting.

As we know, River Road connects Lower Makefield to many other river communities. River Road, — Route 32, — connects Lower Makefield with Washington Crossing, a sacred place,  part of America’s historic and honorable past but a special-interest Corporation has hatched a scheme to use River Road and Washington Crossing to score millions in Grant money.

This “outside of Bucks County” Corporation, — Delaware and Lehigh By-Way Inc. [1]  is using our love of the Delaware River to get grant money. How do I know that? I have an e-mail from a Vice President of the corporation, about the millions to be made by grants if Lower Makefield tosses under the bus the property rights of the citizens and supports the current Resolution being pushed by D & L Inc.  

 It’s a Theft by Deceptions scheme, — plural — meaning many Deceptions. Pretty simple, really. Hide the Deception behind some wonderful sounding names — “Scenic By-Ways”; — get a Resolution from Lower Makefield to join the program; — fill out the Grant Papers and wait for Millions to be delivered to the mailbox. 

Who knows the definition of a By-Way? Anyone? If you do not know what a By-Way is, why approve the Resolution to join the By-Way Project? Here’s the definition of a By-Way. You heard of Highways and By-Ways. The Delaware Resolution is not a highway resolution; it’s a by-way resolution. By-Way is an old expression. It means the land along a highway. Today that’s a sidewalk. But the Resolution wouldn’t be passed if it was called The Delaware and Lehigh Sidewalk Project. Here’s another thing. The Project is about the sidewalks, the bicycle lanes, the trails in the woods and forbidding construction and it restricts the highway; Route 32 by restricting the use of the properties along Route 32.

Route 32 — will not be improved even if the tourist traffic triples. That’s part of the reason for the project. To slow down the use of Route 32 by automobiles. Turn Route 32 into a By-Way. Read the Presentation. It’s true. Here’s another reason the Delaware & Lehigh is a fraud. D & L wants to preserve the Delaware Canal. THE DELAWARE CANAL IS PRESERVED. THE DELAWARE CANAL IS A NATIONAL PARK. WHY DO YOU NEED TO PRESERVE SOMETHING TWICE? Same for WASHINGTON CROSSING PARK. IT’S ALREADY A PARK. WHY PRESERVE THE SAME LAND TWICE?

Upper Makefield passed a resolution to support D & L by mistake and some Upper Makefield people are working to RESCIND Upper Makefield Resolution, #2012-04-17-01. Lower Makefield needs to support Upper Makefield in the recission work. Don’t make the same mistake Upper Makefield made.

The so-called Delaware and Lehigh By-Way Project, is called an “Interconnection Project”, here’s a direct quote from their report:  quote: “interconnect over 100 communities along the 165 mile long corridor”. End quote.

What we have here is a very elaborate proposal that has been presented to Lower Makefield by a Private, — Special Interest — Corporation —    to connect 100 communities.

Here’s the problem. Listen to the truth: the 100 communities are connected. They are connected by Route 32, — River Road and by hundreds of other roads.

So I ask: Are you in favor of constructing Sidewalks along River Road? Because that’s part of what you are signing up for if you approve the D & L Resolution. Sidewalks – complete with curb cut-outs at the intersections. —By-Ways. — Sidewalks.

Sidewalks — to be installed on Private Property by unfunded government mandates. Not a pretty idea for our rural heritage.

And sidewalks cost money.

Millions of dollars to build the D & L “Sidewalk/By-Way”. Do you understand what’s going on here? The D & L By-way is a scheme to get the citizens of Lower Makefield to give up parts of their properties –without compensation — to allow construction of sidewalks and bike paths and hiking trails and natural trails — on their private properties. Maybe that’s what you want. Perhaps that’s what some of the owners of the private property want. I doubt it but if the people of Lower Makefield want to encourage bikers and walkers and let the roads deteriorate so fewer people use them, why not say it straight out? Why does it look like there’s a cover-up going on here? Why do some of the Upper Makefield Supervisors want a do-over?   

I know there is GRANT money involved in so-called community efforts like this. Large amounts of money like, for example: Quote: “A $4 million grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Scenic Byways program”, end quote. [2] I have a copy of an e-mail with that information in it. The e-mail involves an attorney employed by the government who I believe is working to get the Resolution passed as well as some Lower Makefield Residents and some out-of-town residents. This is a scheme to pick the pockets of unsuspecting victims.  

Because the 100 communities are already connected, what exactly is needed by “the corporation” to connect them? Why should Lower Makefield approve the Resolution to connect what is already connected?   

Under our system of government the board has a basic duty to protect “the Citizens” and “the property of the Citizens of Lower Makefield”. The township has a rare and unique opportunity tonight.

Defeat the Special Interests who are not interested in the people of Lower Makefield or the property in Lower Makefield. Stop their stealth Payday. Vote against the resolution.

What will happen if you approve the resolution? Like Upper Makefield, eventually you will realize you made a mistake. D & L Inc. made a mistake. They paid attention to the politicians but mostly they ignored the citizens. No one advised the property owners about the consequences of the D & L Resolution. I’d advise the Lower Makefield not to make the mistakes of Upper Makefield.  Vote against the resolution.

In Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens created a fictional pickpocket called: “The Artful Dodger”. Picking pockets is child’s play compared to the D & L Corporation. The Artful Dodger could only acquire what’s in one pocket. There’s a faster and more lucrative way to steal. Use our love of Bucks County, of River Road, of Lower Makefield, of the environment as bait to get the Supervisors to approve a Resolution joining with D & L to get the Grant Money. Grant money comes from taxpayers and Grant Money takes jobs out of the economy. Vote against the resolution.

There are many other reasons to vote against this resolution than what I covered here.  Some of them are on my website, www.billoneill.info. Perhaps you have additional considerations not to vote for the Resolution. I’d like to hear them. What I would really like to hear is the Resolution voted down tonight.

Good Night Lower Makefield.




[1] Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc.,  2750 Hugh Moore Park Road | Easton, PA 18042

[2] Elissa M. Garofalo | Vice President

Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc.

2750 Hugh Moore Park Road | Easton, PA 18042

“Enriching communities thru actions and partnerships that conserve the resources, tell the stories and enhance the quality of life for residents.”








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