FOX made a serious mistake by mis-underestimating Donald Trump and his popularity. Too many people grew to admire Megyn Kelly and love Donald Trump. Either Roger Ailes smokes a peace pipe with Trump or FOX gets frozen out of insider politics. No one will trust them again. Not Trump. Not the Democrats. No one.

Betrayal isn’t easy to walk back and that’s what Megyn did. That’s the way people judge what she did to Trump by disguising an ambush as a “debate”. The FOX debate was just a reverse press conference where the press controls the politicians. Megyn and FOX completely missed Trump’s popularity as a political outsider.

FOX is paying the price. Lots of viewers have abandoned FOX and worse will be coming. T.V. is past history in the age of Youtube and the Internet. We have Drudge, a massive news site that has more readers each day than FOX has viewers. And Megyn only has a hour a day. She blew it and don’t go all deviant with that.

There’s a way out for both sides. If Megyn interviews Trump and Trump gets to edit the tape, FOX will reap a bonanza. If not and the Republican Power Elite endorses anyone else, Hillary is the big winner here and it’s Kelly and FOX’s fault. Hillary is a scoundrel. Megyn is a Traitor.

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