Secretary of State John Kerry Swift Boated himself when he said: “A Unitary State winds up either being an apartheid state with second class citizens – or it winds up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish State.”

What exactly does that mean? A Unitary State is a state that has one type of citizen.

But if a state has only one type of citizen there can’t be any second class citizens by definition.

The former government of South Africa was a real Apartheid state. It was not a Unitary state. There were three types of citizens. “Whites”, “Blacks” and “Neither White nor Black”.

In fact there were two kinds of “Whites”. Native South Africans, called “Afrikaners”; and “other Whites”. It was not enough to be white in the former South Africa. Afrikaners ruled or ran the country and there were lots of places where being white was not enough to get admitted. One had to be Afrikaner.

So Kerry didn’t know what he was saying when he said a Unitary State  would or could be an Apartheid state.

Neither did Kerry know Israel where Jews and Arabs live and work side by side. Maybe they are not the best of friends nor even friends but Israel is not a state that supports Apartheid. Israel is a Jewish state. To Kerry that can only mean it is not a Unitary state.

Kerry’s remark means in his mind there are three types of States. Unitary with only Jews; Apartheid – where the people are First or Second class citizens or a non-Jewish Israel. How he gets to those kinds of states in the context of Israel is non-linear, to be kind about it.

Kerry does not understand Israel. Nor does he know what Apartheid is. Nor does he support Israel. Those are three reasons; three misconceptions that show how dumb he is about Israel, Apartheid and the path by which Israel will get to live in peace.

Anyone can make the series of blunders Kerry made but only Kerry is Secretary of State. He should resign for many reasons including he is spectacularly ignorant of Israel.



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