Maybe she’s changed but she’s never walked back her mistaken ideas about Islam. The armies of Islam invaded, conquered and occupied Western Europe and in Eastern Europe advanced to the Gates of Vienna, not by persuasion but by murder. Conquest requires force. Force means domination. For 1,400 years the Muslims have invaded, enslaved, slaughtered and occupied. Hardly what Fiorina called “a degree of peace and prosperity that had never been known.” That’s nonsense and Fiorina knows it but that’s what she said shortly after 9/11. Go figure.

Fiorina elides far too many facts. She claims for example that “Islam was the civilization [that] kept knowledge alive and passed it on to others.” How then to explain that 60% of Muslims are illiterate.

Carly Fiorina is severely misinformed about the civilization that embraces our death and destruction, and she confuses politically-correct theories for hard facts. She needs to get her facts correct and issue a re-statement.

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