The three “debate moderators” who had “a secret agenda”; who had prepared questions that were discussed and debated before the debate among themselves; the so-called “Fair and Balanced” Inquisitors “sprung” their “Gotcha” questions on to the candidates who had zero time to prepare their answers while millions watched them. The Crusaders for the Extreme Right Wing of the country came out swinging for the Democrats and against the Republican candidates. Megyn Kelly was the best looking and the worst offender. Kelly was working for the Democrats as she went after the candidates instead of doing what she and FOX promised which was to broker an honest debate. Megyn was in the tank for the Democrats; for the Left; and for the PC crowd, as she got away with badgering the candidates. Only Trump could handle her and he put her and her PC buddies in their place. That’s why Trump walked away with a 51% approval rating from the Drudge Report. FOX failed to keep Kelly honest. FOX scored high because of the candidates and disgraced itself because of the inquisitors undisguised hit pieces on all of the candidates. Torquemada was smiling. They owe everyone an apology.

The big winner was Carly Fiorina. Trump did far better in the post-debate polls but Carly should and will move into the first tier along with Trump, Cruz, Christie and Rubio.

Trump was visibly tired and intellectually sharp as he came off his travel to one of his golf courses in Scotland. He was the best prepared even though he didn’t “prepare” for the debate. The man is head and shoulders ahead of and above the rest of a great field of potential challengers. Hands down, he won the debate in the face of the almost unhinged challengers and especially who were against Donald Trump.

And a special top of the hat to Dr. Ben Carson’s superb demonstration of brains and humanity. He makes everyone proud.

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