Race played an enormous part of the election and the reelection of Obama. Columnist Eugene Robinson knows that and supports it because he is a black voter. He also knows but dismisses the enormous contribution of white guilt. Shelby Steel, a black writer said, in the movie “2016” that “Obama was elected because he is black”. Yet at every turn the role of race is ignored and Obama is falsely mythologized as being elected because of his values and his issues therefore he must govern according to his principles. That’s nonsense and Robinson knows it. the President is the president of the people and he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That means to enforce the law according to the words in it and the principles behind it. the President has routinely violated both since he was elected in 2008. The Democratic party is in shock at the wrong ideas Obama supports but they lack the political backbone to oppose him. Instead, like Judas Iscariot, one of history’s great traitors, they betray their oath, their integrity and the American people by their immoral silence.

The Democrats need to wake up as to what Obama has done against America. The Republicans know Obama has betrayed America but they lack the majority in the Senate to stop Obama. Too bad. The sooner he is stopped, the less damage he will cause. He’s already damaged America’s economy by reckless spending. He has caused the American dollar to decline in value making imported goods from foreign makers more expensive and simultaneously making America goods too expensive abroad. the biggest waster of American tax money, Obama perfected spending by borrowing thus assuring things will get worse for America in the future because debts must be repaid before government services are available. Obama hurt the poor by making it easier for the poor to get un-earned money. Others must earn the money the poor receive which makes the middle class more poor as the poor are helped to get more money by not working. It makes masters of the poor and servants of the middle class. Of course Obama hates the rich which causes him to invent new ways to confiscate their businesses, their wealth and their lives. Obama is just bad news which is why the media love him. The media needs bad news to support their enterprises but by reporting the bad news which is caused by Obama’s anti-American values they weaken the popularity of their Messiah so they stay silent which makes them cowards.  

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