Channels 3, 6 and 10 have been presenting the News of the Day at 11:00 PM for decades. The figured out how to cure racism. Don’t mention Race. Well, after all these years, did it work? Is Racism gone from the mean streets of Philly? Did the malicious strategy of deceit cure Racism in Philly?

In the age of television it’s easy to find the answer. The pictures can lie depending on how they are shot and what they shoot but there are always backgrounds. The backgrounds tell a different story than the News Anchors. The narrative doesn’t follow the reality. The Nightly News covers up the race of the people in the news but the camera tells a more true story. The lies hurt both black and white people. The lies show many things but they can’t fix people’s race. Skin color shows up in the videos.

The News doubled down. They no longer report the names of the neighborhoods. Both the lily white and the black neighborhoods are never mentioned. Neither the race nor the neighborhoods give away the false reporting that’s designed to help people cure their racism. Here’s the problem. Without being racist the Nightly News would not be able to strip away racism.

On the other hand, what’s considered racism may be the bigger lie. People have different colors of skin. That’s the reality of nature but that reality is a crime. Racism by definition is a white person’s crime because it is said, wrongly, but it’s nevertheless said that black people cannot be racist. Neither can the Nightly News so the reality of race reporting has been distorted making the Nightly News irrelevant. Not so the mutual hate by black and white people.

Can racism be solved? Of course but it won’t ever be done. Racism is hatred because of race. Both the race of the person watching and the race of the person being watched show the reality of race based judgments. It take two people. Racism is practiced by all races because people have eyes and their skin has color. Unless there is only one race on earth judgment of other people based on skin color will never change. Racism is here to stay but the Nightly News is going going gone.

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