FOX NEWS should be embarrassed for not asking where the good doctors procured the two hands after the religious acolytes at FOX refused to properly discuss their constant and long tirades against Planned Parenthood about the source of donor tissue. Both hands, organs and other tissue are routinely sourced by and obtained by good doctors from donors. The great doctors who obtained the donor hands for the 8 year old boy then attached them to his arms in a series of”gruesome” surgeries. FOX is the locus of a rather strange set of iconoclasts who practice tunnel vision against women.

There’s much more to the story. Zion Harvey had his tiny hands and feet removed by doctors in several “gruesome” operations when he was two years old. In addition in a further “gruesome” surgery both of his kidneys were removed by doctors similiar to the doctors who work at Planned Parenthood, doctors about whom FOX and FRIENDS have been verbally attacking in the most inappropriate ways because they remove organs like the good doctors who removed both kidneys from two year old Zion. Did we mention the surgeries were “gruesome”?

The good doctors also removed a kidney from Zions mother, Pattie Ray Harvey, a kidney that was then surgically implanted to Zion. Why is FOX and Friends as well as Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly so quiet about the donors when they’s been so vocal against Planned Parenthood?

It’s their belief systems that cause this kind of irrationality. Those too should be examined for the bias and irrationality that caused the blindness except to what they want to see. Did we mention Zion is a Hebrew word that means Jerusalem?

The attachment of two hands is the kind of work that shows the best of human behaviors. Patti Ray willingly donated one of her kidneys to her son. It required a team of 40 people at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to attach two hands to Zion. Praise should be given to all the hero’s. Lets hear it from FOX.

Why can’t we hear it?

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