FOX News has become obsessed with Abortion. So is Megyn Kelly who has turned into a scold because of it. Abortion was found to be legal in 1973. Megyn was three years old at the time. 42 years is two generations who have matured with legal abortion. America had 211 million people in 1973 compared to 318 million today. 109 million people have been born or emigrated into America since Roe v Wade was studied and found to be legal.

This is a religious based battle that’s wrong on several levels. First it not about babies. Babies must be born to become babies and even after birth several processes must occur and which hopefully occur for the new-born’s heart to begin to pump and the lungs and all of the other organs to begin to sustain the new-born. Second, it’s religious but not the dogma of all religions. Third it’s become a special crusade of FOX to the disadvantage of FOX. The longer they keep attacking abortion and Planned Parenthood the further into the noise machine they go. This will not end well for FOX.

Some religions decided a fertilized egg also has a soul assigned to it so they are fully human. they admitted that idea into their dogma. Kelly is steeped in that religious dogma. Sean Hannitty even more so and Bill O’Reilly is so deep into it that he could be a member of Opus Dei. He may have been admitted but their membership is secret. The FOX brigade includes the people who appear during the day so this is bigger than just Megyn and Sean. They have self-marinated in the penumbra of Roe and have nursed their feelings so they can no longer get away from the idea that a fertilized zygote is the same as a toddler, hence they oppose abortion and have seized on the Planned Parenthood malicious guerrilla videos and distorted their content which they broadcast to an almost captive audience. Captive because these are almost quintessential All-American’s who are usually on the right side of politics. No more. They moved to the religious extreme and are fighting to eliminate a necessary medical procedure, necessary for the right reasons as confirmed by the Roe v. Wade decision that traces the procedure back into antiquity. It’s not going away. Abortion both natural and induced has been part of the human experience. It will remain part and Kelly, Hannitty, O’Reilly and FOX should figure this out and go about their other politicking or they will continue to hemmorage viewers which is how the real world works.

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