Five American Military killed by a goofy man who visited Jordan but was not on the Watch List of Obama’s Homeland Security. Let me count the ways for the President how fatal to America is his thinking. Let’s stop the dream of a functioning Republic where laws are respected and return to the tyranny, the reality of King Obama and his reign of tyranny. Have we lost our collective tiny little minds? FIVE PEOPLE ARE DEAD BECAUSE OF: (Write Your Own Reasons For The Psychosis Here.)

The Military is not allowed to carry guns except when someone is using live ammunition to shoot them.

The White House is eyes wide shut on Islamist terror. The real world is shocked and stunned by it. And on Saturday bizzaro “Al-Presidente” nonchalantly strolled in Central Park while five military families mourn their dead dis-armed by Al-Bizzaro.

Obama asked the Iranians to help him overcome people in the United States and elsewhere who oppose the nuclear deal he made with Iran. What, everyone is asking, is wrong with this picture? Asking Iranians to help him? Help him AGAINST the people who elected him? Iran to help Al-Bizzaro? What does he tell his daughters? What does everyone else tell each other about the elections of 2008 and 2012 where the problem with electing him happened?
Allan West wrote this about hard-to-look-at Sean Penn: “The entertainment liberal progressive elite will go to any lengths to protect its celebrity president, Barack Obama, including promulgating a complete falsehood.” And “And that’s why the inane and unconscionable (if not to say treasonous) decision by President Obama to release five senior leaders of the Taliban — the enemy — at a time when the enemy is still fighting our troops makes absolutely no sense. And to hear anyone try to make sense of this because Obama said combat operations were over is the sheer embodiment of insanity.

The real item to consider — not the stupidity of Sean Penn, whose movie will flop — is exactly how do we “degrade, defeat, and destroy” and enemy that walks among us?

Islamic terrorism and fascism is all around us — sure, there are some traditional nation-states embracing this ideology, like Iran, but mostly we’re talking about figures that operate and maneuver in the shadows.”

The questions are: Why do Americans put up with this President? How can he be stopped? Or must we wait for more Americans to die before acting? Eighteen more months without at least a motion to impeach is a death sentence for more Americans. Or will the President finally realize how wrong he’s been and say: Death to the enemies of America.

Obama is dangerous until January 2017. He’s dangerous because of his misuse of the power of the Presidency. He’s dangerous because most of the MSM invents excuses for his wrong PC ideas. Dangerous.

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