Obama should have called Donald Trump to replace Kerry in the negotiations.

Obama’s Iran TREATY with Iran is not a “deal”
It’s a bold lie to call the Treaty a “deal.
Obama is lying about the proposed Nuclear Treaty with Iran.

Obama will have to live with his lies about the treaty for the rest of his life but the lives of the people of America are in more danger from a Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Why is Obama calling the treaty a deal? Because a treaty must be approved by 66% of the Senate. A “deal” doesn’t have to be approved by anyone except Obama.

Iran can easily build Nuclear Facilities in Yemen and comply with Obama’s Bad Treaty with the lying Ayatollahs.

Another Obama lie about the Treaty is: it’s the only choice. No, there are many other choices. One would be to keep Iran’s confiscated money for five years. Another is to keep the money unless Iran complies for ten years. Another is to confiscate half of the money for five years and only release 25% at the end of one year and another 25% in two years. Obama should have let Trump do the negotiations. America could have made a better deal with Trump at the table. Trump wrote an entire book called: “The Art Of The Deal”.

Here’s how to prove to yourself Obama’s Treaty he calls a “deal” is bad for America. Iranian’s cheered in the streets when the “deal” was announced.

Why were the four American hostages not released as part of Obama’s “deal”? Trump said it’s because Obama is a lousy negotiator. Yes, and Obama’s also lying about the Nuclear Treaty. The Senate needs to step in here and save the American people.

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