It started in 1699 at the Treaty of Carlowitz signed on 26 January in Sremski Karlovci, in modern-day Serbia, concluding the Austro-Ottoman War of 1683–97 in which the Ottoman side had been defeated at the Battle of Zenta. ToC marks the end of Ottoman control in much of Central Europe and the beginning of the empire’s phase of decline, with their first major territorial losses after centuries of expansion, and established the Habsburg Monarchy as the dominant power in Central and southeast Europe. The Holy League of 1684, the coalition of: the Holy Roman Empire; the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth; the Republic of Venice; and Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia was one of the most decisive defeats in Ottoman history. In a surprise attack, Habsburg Imperial forces routed the Ottoman army which was in the process of crossing the river. At the cost of a few hundred losses, the Habsburg forces inflicted 30,000 casualties on the Ottomans, dispersed the remainder and captured the Ottoman treasure. The Habsburg victory at Zenta was the last decisive step to force the Ottoman Empire into the Treaty of Karlowitz (1699), ending the Ottoman control of large parts of Central Europe. Since then an up to the discovery and commercialization of the oil under the sands of the Middle East, Islam became less and less powerful.

They asked themselves: what went wrong? Muslims invaded and conquered Spain, Portugal and parts of France until the Pope began “The Inquisitions” and the Muslims leff Western Europe. The Ottoman Empire’s military lost at Zenta in Serbia. the defeated Ottomans, (Muslims) were forced to sign the Treaty of Carlowitz. More military losses foced them into the Treaty of Passarowitz and finally the Muslims were out of Europe. They have their memories. They want Europe back.

So What Went Wrong? The Muslims were too proud to realize their advanced culture was being eclipsed by the Europeans. The Arabs had boats to operate in the Eastern Mediterranean. the Europeans had ships that sailed the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Europeans had cannons on their huge ships. The Muslims had swords. The Europeans were operating a global economy, such as it was at the time while the Arabs made loads of money from traders who paid them fees and taxes for passing thru the Middle East. The Arabs were sticking to the Middle East. They were passed by like a jet plane passes a car. They occupied lands under which oil was discovered but they had no need of the oil. Camels were OK in the desert and they need food not oil.

The backwardness of the Middle East is still obvious to travelers. They fight with swords and captured weapons. The West surged ahead of the Middle East because the Middle East got happy with the world they was it was. But it’s a new world and changing everyday. the Middle East simply got left behind.

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