Lets get this clear. The Confederate Flag wasn’t removed from the South Carolina State House because the Confederacy hasn’t been around since 1865. The Civil War ended. It’s over. Been over for 150 years this year. The Confederacy was defeated. General Robert E. Lee surrendered. Because there has been no Confederacy there has been no Confederate Flag. No Confederate Flag; No take-down of the Confederate Flag and no victory for the forces of good over evil or for the forces of evil over good.

It’s the REBEL flag.

It’s been the Rebel Flag during the lifetimes of everyone alive today. It’s been adopted by “Rebels” as a symbol of rebellion. Rebellion is different than slavery. It’s like the Roman Crucifix compared to the Christian crucifix. They are vastly different. The Roman crucifix actually was used for crucifixions. Real crucifixions used a real crucifix. The crucifix used by Christians is not a symbol of the Roman empire just as the Rebel flag is not a symbol of slavery. The Confederate Battle flags that were used by the real Confederate army are like Roman crucifixes. The Rebel flags that have been used for decades don’t stand for the Confederacy. Most people haven’t really thought about the Confederacy. Most people cannot even name the Confederate States. Why are people enamored by the Confederate flag when they know so little about the Confederate States Of America.

How could a flag that hasn’t been used as a real flag that represents the real Confederacy be the same as the Rebel flag that represents a lot of things but not slavery? What’s the connection? Oh. The Rebel flag looks identical to the Confederate Flag just like the crucifix of today represents the cruelty of the Roman empire that disappeared long ago. No. the Crucifix as used today is to commemorate the death of one man. It’s vastly different than real crucifixes just as the rebel flag is different than the Confederate flag.

Will the rebel flag disappear? No. Black protesters will use it when it’s to their advantage to use it. Perhaps they see it as a symbol of slavery. Or, maybe, they see it as a symbol of white people who hate black people so the black protesters want to use it to remind people that slavery existed. What’s wrong with that? Maybe black people would use it to remind people about slavery in general. Why not? Why waste a good flag design?

Why would white people use it? To show their dislike for big government. The Confederate Battle flag has been banned from government buildings in South Carolina but the spirit of rebellion will never be removed from human hearts.

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