Political Correctness made the Naval Base in Chattanooga a “Gun Free Zone” so U.S. Marines were unarmed, vulnerable and murdered by a Muslim man. How is Obama connected to that?

First by his great disrespect of America as proven by his many apologies for the behavior of America. His bows to those he respects more during his apology tours prove his disrespect.

After the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim man Obama denied it was because of Islam and called the massacre “Workplace Violence”. BTW, Donald Trump wants to arm the military in the United States, similar to the police.

It sounds crazy that U.S. Marines in a military recruiting office were forbidden to carry pistols like the police there but Political Correctness made the tiny strip mall a “Gun Free Zone” and turned it into a Killing Zone for a 24 year old Muslim man. In this case Political Correctness was fatal for four U.S. Marines.

President Obama expressed sorrow. Donald Trump called for arming the U.S. Marines in America. Obama called for an investigation into the terrorist attack in the American heartland. Donald Trump and most Americans know what happened. Why is the President in denial? Because he’s not the best America has.

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