The knock on the door at 3:00 AM. Aushweitz, Dachau, Sobibor and the other notorious Concentration Camps. The Gestapo. KGB, GRU, and The Ustashe. The Secret Police. The CHEKA. The Inquisition. From Wikipedia:

“People apprehended by the secret police are often arbitrarily arrested and detained without due process. While in detention, arrestees may be tortured or subjected to inhumane treatment. Suspects may not receive a public trial, and instead may be convicted in a kangaroo court-style show trial, or by a secret tribunal.

“Secret police have been used by many types of governments. Secret police forces in dictatorships and totalitarian states usually use violence and acts of terror to suppress political opposition and dissent, and may use death squads to carry out assassinations and “disappearances”. In times of emergency or war, a democracy may lawfully grant its policing and security agencies additional or sweeping powers, which may result in those agencies being seen or construed as a secret police.”

Innocent until proven guilty is the supposed tradition in America yet a lot happens between an arrest and a verdict of “Not Guilty”.

Freddie Gray should never have happened in America but it did. The so-called Justice System works to arrest, convict and punish people. Freddie Gray and the other innocent people who have been killed or imprisoned were not treated as though they were innocent. The idea of innocent until proven guilty is hardly sufficient to guarantee the correct verdict. the words ring hollow. They seem to be only words. The actual practice works more like Guilty, prove you are innocent. There is no such thing in America of a court finding someone “Innocent” the court will announce “Not Guilty”. It will never announce “Innocent”. Too many problems with a court finding someone “Innocent”. Instead they are judged “Not Guilty”.

“Project Innocence” found 329 people who were found guilty then exonerated by DNA evidence. Additional innocent people have been exonerated by means other than DNA. Some of the causes of their arrests and imprisonment are: Unvalidated or Improper Forensic Science, False Confessions or Admissions, Government Misconduct.

Government Misconduct. Freddie Gray. The Holocaust. Get the picture?

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