They (the cops) killed Freddie Gray.
Did they mean to kill him?
The Prosecutor must prove “INTENT”. Intent means PURPOSE. Did the cops intend to kill Mr. Gray?
No intent, no basis to claim they killed him on purpose.

The prosecution also and simultaneously must prove RECKLESSNESS. The police would have had to know their actions would kill Mr. Gray. Kill. Not hurt him; not punish him for trying to run from them after their ORDER to stop; to kill him on purpose. Here the police have history on their side. How many other people were similarly treated but didn’t die? Statistics will be useful here. How many hundreds of prisoners were roughed up and given nickel rides and survived? How many died?

The prosecution must prove KNOWLEDGE. They must prove NEGLIGENCE.

It’s not so easy, however for the defense; i.e., the six arrested cops, to show they are innocent of murder because they had no intent to murder Mr. Gray. What they did caused his death. They should have known better.

Firing a gun into a crowd of people doesn’t mean the shooter is innocent because he didn’t intend to kill anyone. Even worse, it’s evidence of at least indifference about the outcome. Even worse than indifference, it’s depraved.

The media helped kill Freddie Gray with their scandalous mis-reporting and propaganda that created the atmosphere in Baltimore and other embarrassing American cities populated with far more criminals than America’s heartlands. President Obama joined the crazy media clamoring for the persecution of innocent George Zimmerman. the President even went so far from justice that he embraced the criminal Trevon Martin as “could have been me”.

The President and his lap-dog Attorney General Eric Holder enabled the Ferguson riots and the Ferguson rioters when he said “the family of Michael Brown will never hold Michael Brown in their arms again”. That justified the illicit prosecution of Police Officer Daren Wilson who shot a thug who had attacked him inside his patrol car and was advancing on him with rage.

The six police officers now in jail waiting for a show trial which is reminiscent of Stalin and his secret police. The agenda of this president is clearly anti-white. The prosecution of six police for intentionally murdering drug-dealer Freddie Gray will hopefully be held after American’s disgraceful anti-white President finishes his disgusting term in office. How did he happen?

How much worse will America get because of Barack Obama?

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