In 2012 Leonard Green wrote and the New York Post published his article about “The Talk” black parents give to their children to try to explain the way they should act around police.

“The not-if-but-when they will be confronted by the police has made necessary a pride-swallowing set of instructions with one purpose in mind — stay alive. Children in these households are told to set aside their rights and display a subservience not unlike their grandfathers and great-grandfathers exhibited before the civil-rights movement.
“The talk is as real as the birds and the bees, and far more awkward.
“Whenever your children go out in an urban environment, you worry,” said the Rev. Conrad Tillard, pastor of Brooklyn’s Nazarene Congregational Church. “You worry about the bad guys, but you also have to worry about the people in blue uniforms.” HERE.

Freddie Gray either didn’t get “the talk” or he ignored it. Now he’s dead. Would “the talk” have saved his life? Perhaps. But the other side of the Freddie Gray issue is the side of the police. We probably will never be able to get to the truth.

John Derbyshire also wrote a version of “The Talk” for non-white people. He warns non-white people in 15 paragraphs,including nine more points about how non-white people should act around black people. He uses some statistics to make his points about the dangers of going into the black world. (Here).

Both Leonard Greene and John Derbyshire make a lot of sense. Relations between black and white people have become more strained. Black people are seen to be in danger both from the Police and from White People. White people are seen to be in danger from black people in certain situations. Unfortunately, both are right but they write about different ideas. Black people seem to be hostile to white people. White people have been attacked by black people. It pays for white parents to at least go over both Derbyshire’s and Greene’s ideas. Black people may be at more risk with the police. White people are definitely at risk from at least some black people.

President Obama has exacerbated the distance between black and white people by his overt favoritism against white people. So the children of black people and of white people need to know the situation between the races. Like picking away at a scab, opening up dialog with black and white people will probably make things worse, at least over the short term. In the long term, an unbiased person needs to be elected President and that President needs to figure out how to lead both black people and white people so neither race needs to read: “The Talk” to their children.

Not happening. The issue has been poisoned. It’s best, at the moment to keep away from the other race. It’s also a good idea to read both Greene’s ideas and Derbyshire’s ideas and try to figure out what to do. Just make sure your children know what’s going on.

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