Rush was delighted to support Rand Paul’s idea that no one would want to kill a 7 pound baby. Rush went further and repeated Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s argument that abortion is between a woman and her doctor. Who’s Correct?

Rush asks “when does life begin?” The clich├ęd answer for the religious people is “at conception”. The other answer is after birth when the heart first begins to pump blood and the lungs first inflate.

But life is already going on for the pregnant woman. Who is philosophizing on her behalf? Pregnancy is not about the doctor. It certainly isn’t a function of government and pregnancy, not the life of a baby begins at conception. Whether the various church groups accept it or deny it, pregnancy is not about a baby at all. A baby doesn’t become a baby at seven pounds as Doctor Paul seems to believe. A fetus in utero at seven pounds is not only not a person, it’s not yet a baby.

Doctor Paul tells us he has held seven pound and lighter babies. But abortion is ending a pregnancy. If Dr. Rand wants to call an unborn fetus a baby he’s confused, perhaps even dishonest. He is attempting to change a fetus into a baby by talking about a baby that’s not born, meaning a fetus, meaning it’s not a baby so he can promote his idea that abortion is wrong. If he was holding a seven pound fetus, where did he get it? Did a pregnant woman give it to him? On the other hand, if he’s holding a seven pound baby he’s holding a baby that was born perhaps moments ago but certainly a born, breathing, successfully born baby. A baby once born is no longer a fetus. A fetus that’s still in utero cannot be held in the way Dr. Paul is attempting to have you believe you can do.

That’s the misleading point. Anyone can pick up a baby and hold it. No one, not even a doctor can grasp a fetus in utero. If one is doing that an abortion has been performed.

Another point. Dr. Paul has no doubt held seven pound fetuses that although born in the narrow sense of being no longer in utero, are not yet alive in the human sense of life unless they have been kept alive because they were removed from a pregnant woman before the pregnancy was over.

A kidney is alive but even a human kidney is not and should not be considered as an independent life if it’s removed from the host. A fetus upon leaving the body of it’s mother must still overcome some significant obstacles before it’s life is continuing separate from the pregnant woman. In other words, the idea of being a seven pound fetus that is or should be in utero is insufficient to be said to be a life that has begun. A fetus is kept alive only by a pregnant woman. Once it’s aborted and kept alive it is no longer being kept alive by a pregnant woman. Two things happen at birth. The Pregnant woman is no longer pregnant and the newborn is no longer being kept alive by the body of a pregnant woman.

The question of abortion doesn’t rest on the viability of the pregnancy but it rests entirely on the body and mind of the pregnant woman. No one else is pregnant. Everyone else needs to get educated about morality before demanding, as Rush does, that the fetus must control the woman. That’s wrong way round. It’s long past the time for the anti-woman lobby to get out of the way of a pregnant woman.

People who demand a pregnant woman remain pregnant are attempting to assume the power to control a woman’s body. That’s a power that doesn’t exist in a culture based on Individual Rights. It is a power that exists under a government that doesn’t recognize the right of an individual. That requires a totalitarian government that has power over the Rights of Individuals. On a lesser level than totalitarian, it requires a government that can order people to do things against their will such as a Fascistic government. People who support a Fascistic government are Fascists. That’s what Dr. Paul and those who demand pregnant women remain pregnant are.

The argument over abortion is pure politics. In the process the Rights of Women has been prostituted on the alters of various religions.
Abortion is splitting the Republican voters. Some Republicans who support woman’s rights will not vote for Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. They might vote for Hillary and that’s worse for America because she’ll be the dysfunctional President of America. Unless a fetus can live and breathe in utero, which is cannot and never will, the anti-abortion arguments can’t win except in an irrational world. That also helps Hillary.

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