Bush fought the war in the Middle East with no additional taxes.

Obama is refusing to fight -(no boots on the ground) but want’s more money, — money that will come from the poor and the middle class because that’s who pays the taxes even when big corporations are taxed because big corporations pass on the taxes and add a little profit onto the tax to cover their additional expenses. As President Reagan said: Only the people pay the taxes.

Obama is the opposite of a military man. He’s an appeaser. He wants a War Tax but won’t fight a war in the Middle East. He’s dropped a few bombs but that’s not fighting, -that’s flying.

What should be Obama’s goal in the Middle East? The Surrender of ISIS. He has more than enough tax money to do that. He didn’t reduce taxes when he pulled the military out of Iran. He didn’t reduce taxes when he cut and ran in Afghanistan and brought the boots on the ground back to America. What did he do with the money? He didn’t fight with it. He didn’t refund it. He kept it and spent it and now he wants even more. tell Obama what to do in the Middle East. Defeat ISIS. Get ISIS to surrender then lower the war taxes that’s he has control of. 

Didn’t he learn that at Harvard?


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