Even Chris Matthews was shocked when the United States Department of State spokeswoman told him the root causes for Jihad is they’re: “…”lack of opportunity for jobs…..” .

So there’s Obama’s answer to jihad. Jobs for the Jihadis. Obama is doubling down on his ridiculous idea by letting more Arab’s into America. Among the Syrian refugees are Jihadi’s. America has very few spies in Syria so the possibility of admitting more 9/11 types is a lot higher than admitting say Norwegians.

Obama believes 9/11 was American’s fault. (Please pass the fruit loops.) Marie Harf, the number 2 spokeswoman at State she went on to say: “we cannot kill our way out of this war.” Rush Limbaugh said he thought he was watching Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show and that the Federal and State Government’s in America cannot provide enough jobs for Americans let alone for the Jihadi’s.

Ilana Mercer wrote a much deeper article (HERE) with a link to an even deeper analysis of the causes of the Jihadi’s called “What ISIS Really Wants.”

Obama needs to read it.

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