18 Feb. 2015. He has America in a religious war but refuses to call it a religious war. Somehow he’s worried about what the Muslim’s will think but not what the American’s or the rest of the thinking world thinks.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER SAID: “It sounds like a community organizer talking about outreach to aggrieved communities. If you listen to the president today and his emphasis on Islamic grievances on reaching out, on making the Muslims feel comfortable and not excluded, you would think that we are responding to the execution and the beheading of 21 Muslims on behalf of 21 extreme Christians somewhere in the world. It is so divorced from reality, as if the problem is the lack of understanding of Muslim grievances, particularly in the Middle East.” This is Looney Tunes material.

Obama said “I don’t want to legitimize these people by using the word Islamist.” Krauthammer: “It’s as if you refused to call Nazis Nazis”

Insanity is being unable to connect one’s mind to reality. Obama is exhibiting that behavior. The Terrorists are certainly extremists but they are not people in need of a job, as Obama thinks. Not calling their religion Islam doesn’t make them non-Muslims. That’s crazy thinking. Not offending people is part of the discredited Political Correctness Movement. Calling murder murder by murders who murder to support their ideas about a 1,000 year old caliphate won’t help keep non-Muslims safe. It doesn’t even help keep Muslims safe, as the Sunni’s of Iraq know.

Obama also said: “…hatred and bigotry and prejudice have no place in our country. It’s not just counterproductive, it doesn’t just aid terrorists, it’s wrong. It is contrary to who we are.” Here’s a flash for the President. Neither hatred, nor bigotry nor prejudice are gone in America or anywhere else and they never will be.

Our Laws prohibit people from committing crimes that involve those attributes. The deal is “Make certain your belief’s don’t cause anyone else harm.” Black rappers use the “N” word as well as lots of four letter words that would offend non-black people, police or law-abiding people. As long we others can turn off the T.V. when they feel offended the rappers can act out their fantasies.

As much as Obama wishes there is no hatred, bigotry or prejudice he can’t eliminate it and he may cause more if he uses the powers of the Presidency to try to order it out of existence. That’s impossible. Human nature invests people with emotions. Laws and moral values identify & explain what is right and what is wrong. The President should not try to claim otherwise.

America is the one place where people who hate can survive and thrive. Same goes for people who are hated. America not only helps them survive, it fights for them to have the best life possible.

But the danger from terrorists is found in their religious texts. They are engaged in a religious based struggle to respond to their belief or their interpretation of their religion. They adhere to an idea called “Prophetic methodology” by Graeme Wood of Atlantic magazine. If Obama would respond to their war against America and Israel, Americans and Jews would be much safer. Acting like an ostrich is no way to protect America.

Obama’s has been the Commander-In-Chief of the American Military for over six years during which time ISIS has conquered a territory as large as Great Britain. His ideas have failed. It’s not only that they failed, they made things worse for America, Israel and Ukraine. This seems like Alice in Wonderland mentation and the man has two more years in office. Look out America. Unfortunately, look out world.

Either Obama is unable to connect with reality or he knows what he’s doing. Either way his ideas about Islam, the Muslims, their declared War on America and religion have failed. It matters not if he’s the greatest genius ever because he knows more than everyone else or he’s just nuts. The results go against the genius label.

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