Twenty Six States sued President Obama in Federal Court over Immigration and Judge Hanen issued an injunction for Obama to stop allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. It’s only a temporary victory despite a detailed and well supported ruling. Obama has little interest in following rules he doesn’t like.

He is determined to undermine the citizens of America by importing millions of immigrants. Tax-paying Americans will be forced to pay even higher taxes under Obama to support the 40 million illegals here already with more to come and why not? Free money and benefits are a huge magnet to try to get away with illegally coming to America where the President is calling you.

President Obama has a failed foreign policy that has made life more dangerous and violent for Americans in the Middle East. Twenty one Coptic Christians were brutally murdered by Islamic Extremists who held banners identifying themselves and their movement. Egypt promptly send bombers that killed over one hundred terrorists and destroyed some of their bases in Libya.

Obama’s domestic policies are failing as he jumped outside the Constitution and the laws. Judge Hanen’s ruling shows how far Obama has strayed from the law.

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