Two liars who changed the American Culture for the worse are gone. Stewart and Williams however aren’t as bad for the world as “You can keep your doctor” Obama. He’s costing Americans billions to pay for 40 million uninsured, mostly from what part of the culture? The Lying, the Welfare and the Criminal part. That would be the likes of the big liars like Al Sharpton, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the esteemed leader of the Free World who must have the longest nose since the Pinocchio story.

“Climate Change” is the current name for the “Global Cooling / Global Warming Hoaxes” perpetrated mostly by the Progressives in Academia who hate America because of it’s Individuality and it’s prohibitions against big government. See HERE.

In fact and scientifically Climate Change is not due to burning coal as President Obama tells us in another Obama Pinocchio Whopper. He stopped new coal burning and thereby put millions of black and brown people out of work. See a detailed article which explains the lack of meaningful climate effect HERE.

Obama also closed down American Oil Drilling in the Gulf. That also hurt the job market for lower class American’s Cuba stepped up Gulf Drilling as did Venezuela and other countries but that hurt American jobs, maybe a million or more lost to his friends, fellow Marxists: “The Castro’s”.

Obama lied about his opposition to gay marriage. HERE. His biggest lie however is his support for America. Spending his childhood years in Hawaii and going to an elite “Multicultural School” in the middle of the Pacific, far from mainstream America and as far as one can get from Philadelphia and the founding principles of America, Obama is not a representational American. At best he’s a citizen because of geography. Read his book to prove his undying respect against the West taught to him by a father in absentia as actually taught by his anti-American mother.

Is it fair to brand his parents anti-American? Sure but he’s worse than simply anti-American, he’s anti-Western as proven by his taking the bust of Winston Churchill, a special gift from Great Britain completely out of the White House. It’s not in storage, it’s gone and a grateful nation will be delighted when this Pinocchio finally leaves the White House.

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