If Obama is smart then what he does is done on purpose. Calling Christians guilty of atrocities in the name of Christ was done with malice towards Christians. His malicious behaviors are directed not just at Christians but at many other non-black groups, none of which he feels part of. He certainly betrayed his previous claims that he was a Christian when he condemned Christians.

If he is stupid, then what he said was done without the ability to grasp the meanings of his words nor their consequences. That’s not the case. He knows what he did. He did it on purpose.

Obama was educated at the most exclusive school in Hawaii. He graduated both Colombia and Harvard. Stupid people cannot graduate from places like those. Those facts alone would prove he’s a smart guy. How smart? Without some information about his test scores or his IQ scores there’s no way to get a precise fix on his smartness. On the other hand, there’s no way to claim he’s dumb or stupid based on his life achievements.

His talking down to the Republicans during his State of the Union speech was an indictor Of his haughtiness. He looks down on inferiors and who is inferior to him? Anyone who did not get elected President.

How then to explain his dumb comments? Some of the comments are simply brain freezes. Others are because of ignorance about a particular subject, even a subject with which most educated adults would be familiar, even facile. Like the number of States. He said 57. It’s 50. His comment was ignorant.

He blames Christians who are alive today for crimes committed 1,000 years ago. He fails to blame Muslims for recent crimes. That’s devious but not stupid. It’s malicious but not dumb. Devious and malicious are bad attributes to have but they don’t mean Obama is stupid. He’s worse than stupid. He’s a dangerous man to have running America because he makes stupid decisions. Like removing American troops from Iraq then sending some of them back. Like blaming the Muslim attacks in Benghazi on a video made in America instead of on the terrorists desire to get the weapons stored at the annex. Blaming the video was done on purpose to deflect the cause away from his bad foreign policy and to make sure his deflection was accepted by inventing a reason for the attacks.

Brian Williams told some lies but they were insignificant compared to the lies of Obama. Williams resigned. He has more honor than Obama.

Obama blamed the police and the Justice System of which Eric Holder runs for the President, -for the Ferguson Riots.

In the words of Jared Taylor:
“The problem is violent criminals, not a “deeply flawed” justice system. This is dazzlingly, blindingly obvious to anyone not completely addled by a college education and MSNBC. Ordinary Americans understand this, and they will flood talk radio and dominate the comments sections on news sites. But you’ll be able to count on the fingers of one hand the elected officials or commentators who say anything about Ferguson that isn’t feel-good foolishness or outright anti-white nastiness.

“This grand jury decision and its aftermath are like Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case, the Jena Six, Trayvon Martin, and a thousand other racial hoaxes and con games that are slowly but surely wearing out the patience of white people.

“Rudyard Kipling saw it coming: It was not part of their blood, it came to them very late, with long arrears to make good, when the Saxon began to hate.”

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