It was 144,000 voters out of almost 6 million that gave Obama the Presidency. If 144 thousand more people had voted against Obama in PA he would not be President.

PA has 18 people in Congress. Thirteen are Republican. Only five are Democrat. A clear majority for the Republicans and the majority will hold in 2014 unless the election fraud gets worse.  

Obama won Philly by 465,000. It was reported that Obama got 100% of the votes in 59 voting districts. There are almost 1,600 voting divisions divided into 65 Wards. That’s about 1,000 registered voters in each division. Bucks County Pa has about 2,000 voters per district. But.  Philly has over five times as many people working on election day. Who says Philly is more corrupt than Bucks Co? Bucks has 627,000 people, Philly has 1.5 million but Bucks has 304 voting districts. Five election day jobs at each district shows Bucks has 1,500 election day jobs and Philly has 8,000. Population difference shows Philly is way ahead on election jobs by at least twice as many per person. Corrupt?  Possible to cheat in a election inb Philly? Probable?  

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