Since Jimmie Carter the President of the U.S. could have stopped the Jihadi’s but didn’t said Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons. Congress was elected to save America, not to find ways to work with the President said Lyons. See him say these things and more at:

Admiral Lyons said Obama’s failure to attend the rally of World Leaders in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attacks was a signal to the jihadies. It was an embarrassment to all Americans. It’s one of many signals Obama sent over the years since he’s been in office to the jihadi’s that he will do things that aid and assist their cause against America.

Admiral Lyons said all of America’s Intelligence Agencies have been infiltrated under Obama. What could have been a very dramatic action during the hostage crisis at minimal expense was a missed opportunity. Same after the Marine Barracks Bombing.

He made the point that Political Correctness has neutralized our military leadership.

The defeat of the Jihadi’s needs to recognize and respect their dedication and commitment to the elimination of America. Since they took to the world’s stage at the Munich Massacre in 1964 they have severely disrupted the lives of every Western Nation including especially Israel and they intend to continue until they win the defeat of the West or the West destroys them but it cannot happen with President Obama. He’s busy helping them and sending signals to them.

**Admiral Lyons is a four star admiral, the highest designation for an American Naval officer. He retired from the Navy but not from America.

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